The Official Air Ballerz Whitepaper (Updated May 2022)
The Entrance to the Ballerverse
You just entered the Ballerverse. A realm of opportunity and glory.
Air Ballerz is a virtual world where players connect, explore, and compete in jetpack-powered games. Build your galactic headquarters to team up with other Ballerz, collect and trade rare skins as you become the champion of the Ballerverse.
Ever since the rise of the first suns, Air Ballerz from across the realm have been battling for supremacy. Each day at dawn, Ballerz from the realm's seven elemental planets converge in the sacred arenas to compete in the BallerVerse games. Currently, the realm is in a state of flux, as Ballerz from different elemental planets evolve and clash at rates never seen!
In the Ballerverse, gamers join forces on-chain and in the arenas to defeat opposing Ballerz and teams. Invite your friends to Play-and-Earn Together, and we’ll see you in the Arenas. Every Shot Counts.
Our Mission:
Build the future of teamplay on chain -- We're bringing competitive team-based games into the world of blockchain technology and play-and-earn mechanics, while protecting the genre's core foundations: fun, skill, and teamwork.
We believe the joy and thrill of purely playing a fun game are priceless. Thus, players should be equally entertained as well as gain from the tremendous economic opportunities of blockchain technology.
Our Vision:
Sustainable Happiness -- We believe fun-first blockchain games with sustainable economies will revolutionize how players value their engagement with video games.
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