Game Types and Community
The social universe of Air Ballerz
The BallerVerse is more than just a battleground. It is a place to connect, socialize, party, and team up with other Ballerz.
Between matches, Ballerz can hang out in the Ballerverse social lobbies. Explore lands together with friends or connect with other players in the game.
The Genesis of the Ballerverse
When the realm came to be, Ballerz and matter of all kinds and from all periods of life converged in what is known as the dark days. A black hole opened a portal that swept across the universe, devouring everything in its path! On the other side of that darkness is what we know as the Ballerverse.
As time passed, our suns began to rise again, our elemental planets formed, and the first community Lands and Arenas were constructed. In these sacred lands, the founding Ballerz began to connect with one another, share skills they learned from their home planets, and began to form the realm's first coalitions.
These lands now serve as both communal Baller locations and access points to various Ballerverse lands, arenas, and game types.
As the realm continues to evolve, there are rumors of new arena types under construction. The murmurs have mentioned the construction of new Air Soccer, Air Racing, and Air Fighting battle arenas.
Each new game type will provide Ballerz with additional avenues to organize and measure the best of their energies and skills! Whether it's dropping 3's from range in Air Basketball, hitting a game-winning penalty kick in Air Soccer, or fighting for pole position in Air Racing.
The BallerVerse is entering a new era of play, that will drive the rate of Baller evolution and counterplay to a level the realm has never experienced.
Stay tuned for more information that will be shared over the coming months.

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